We are a professionally run, customer focused organization offering complete health and safety services to ensure that you are working in compliance with all current health and safety legislation and regulations. Please find more information under the services menu and contact us soon to get started. 


When choosing KDM Safety Services Inc, you get experienced and dedicated professionals that go above and beyond. When in need, we come to you and travel to your locations. We ensure a successful experience and will work with you and your team until your desired outcome is reached.

Our devotion and enthusiasm for safety creates continuous growth and improvement, we not only stand by this mission but shadow it ourselves.

KDM Safety Services Inc. doesn’t just sell generic binders or provide programs that don’t get used, we work with our clients to build operative safety management systems.  We firmly believe that Safety Programs need to evolve and change and that’s why our mission is for continuous growth and improvement.

We want to work with you at ground level to not only develop and maintain Health and Safety Programs but to ensure you gain an understanding of your responsibilities as an employer and employee.

Please choose KDM Safety Services Inc.


We strongly believe that safety is not just a priority as priorities can change, safety is a value! Our values outperform our priorities every day, every time.

Our number one value is that every worker makes it home safe at the end of every day! Our commitment is not only to the client and their workers but to every family member and each community. We want families to stay whole and workers to stay healthy. Our family is why we work safe!

To understand safety is much more effective than to just do safety.

Why do you work safe?


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