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Virtual Safety

Need safety primarily for support and online services, then the virtual safety programs are meant for you.

Virtual safety is exactly that, business is carried out or accessed by means of electronic devices and our work is done off-site. You can tap into our services whenever, wherever without the time and expense of employing a safety representative by contract or full time employment. Let us lead you when an incident occurs, research is needed, electronic safety forms are required, online support is awaiting, conference calls are scheduled and mentoring or coaching is essential.

Prepaid Packages

Need some safety/quality work completed, but you only require minimal time or your budget is restricted. Our pre-paid options give you the hours you need to get the work done, at a set price.

Retainer Packages

If you have consistent and ongoing requirements, our retainer packages are just the package you need to ensure your stress free safety experience! One set amount per month covers all of our work within the chosen package hours. Flexible and cost saving.