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Welcome to KDM Safety Services Inc.

KDM Safety Services Inc. is a family operated safety company with a passion to increase awareness and understanding of safety in the workplace. As a leader in safety services and safety training our company offers a wide variety of professional safety services with a goal not only to meet regulatory requirements and standards but to manage risk and form lasting relationships.

We strive on continuous growth and endless improvement to ensure a safe working environment every day, every minute.  




KDM Safety Services Inc. can develop full HSE Manuals or specific documentation and programs customized to your business and industry. We work with our clients to develop safety management systems that meet and/or exceed industry and legislation requirements.


Whether you need our services temporary or long-term, we work with our clients to ensure you have the best safety representation for any job and every setting. Please see what we have to offer under our Consulting/On-Site Safety section.


KDM Safety Services Inc. offers external and internal COR/SECOR Audits and GAP Audits. Currently we partner with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and will assist our clients in creating a Safety Management System which meets the audit standards of the ACSA. Our goal is to identify and mitigate any potential gaps/deficiencies to reduce the potential for incidents and improve your overall performance as a company.

Training Services

KDM Safety Services Inc. is proud to offer access to a library of over 500 online courses as well as several in house training programs. Demand for online training continues to increase as amendments to government regulations are made and new online training standards are set by a variety of independent industry bodies.

Contractor Management

Many clients are utilizing ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS), ComplyWorks and CanQual to meet contractor compliance and manage risk.

We assist companies with initial set up and ongoing maintenance to ensure your grades are always green to meet contractor pre-qualifications. With several years of experience working with all these online contractor and management platforms, KDM Safety Services Inc. will have you up and running in no time.

Virtual Safety

Virtual safety is exactly that, business is carried out or accessed by means of electronic devices and our work is done off-site. You can tap into our services whenever, wherever without the time and expense of employing a safety representative by contract or full time employment. Ask about our Virtual Safety packages.




Our Services

We are a professionally run, customer focused organization offering complete health and safety services to ensure that you are working in compliance with all current health and safety legislation and regulations. Please find more information under the services menu and contact us soon to get started...

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Why Work With Us

When choosing KDM Safety Services Inc. you get experienced and dedicated professionals that go above and beyond. When in need, we come to you and travel to your locations. We ensure a successful experience and will work with you and your team until your desired outcome is reached.

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Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that safety is not just a priority as priorities can change, safety is a value! Our values outperform our priorities every day, every time.

Our number one value is that every worker makes it home safe at the end of every day!

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We want to help you make your business or project run safely and effortlessly.

Contact us to discuss your needs, schedule a consultation or meet with us!